Aggie Campus

Care Pharmacy 



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  Version 1 

The Aggie Campus Care Pharmacy of North Carolina A&T SU created an opportunity for the senior class of GCS421 to design a brand new sign for their window.  


In my team, Dasia Cobb and I came up with a strong design with bold, clean fonts to display the message to the students.


We used blue and gold to represent A&T's colors



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  Version 2 

In version 2, we were asked to thin out our font and make it feel more cohesive. The C came closer to the A, minimizing the space, and we decided to play with line-height of the C and P of Care and Pharmacy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.43.37 PM.png
Official Sign.jpeg

  Version 3 

In version 3, we were asked to place a tagline on the logo. Although the tag line was never used, it was still good design practice to brainstorm a slogan that was harmonious to the logo and name.


  Official Sign Design 

This project was completed in undergraduate for the pharmacy at North Carolina A&T SU. They were in need of a new sign and allowed us to get some design experience by pitching to a real-time client. 


This pharmacy logo was a real indicator that working for another entity is hard work. There is a lot of collaboration, cognitive understanding and teamwork that is in play. I truly enjoyed every second of this experience. 


In the end, our design was chosen to be printed and displayed.