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Working with The Boone Group, LLC. has allowed me to showcase my previous freelancing skills in the professional light of government and forward facing marketing materials.

The projects to the right include a brand guide, marketing materials such as swag, and Boone Branded Documents.​

The P.O.L.A.R Movement, LLC.

Being the sole designer of a streetwear brand is tremendously fun but full of risk. I create tech packs and communicate with manufacturers to see every vision come to life. Using adobe illustrator and photoshop I convey dimensions, placement, and fabric choice. 

Here are some designs from my curated collections.

To view more of my work, head over to:

Swag items created for Boone members who have participated in the AUSA convention in Washington DC. Attached to this photo is a tech pack detailing layout, fit, and design placement.

Boone Paraphanelia