We had the privilege of working with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to help spread prevention awareness.


In Bermuda, my role as graphic designer was to rebrand their company image and every style within that encompasses their work. I created logos, animations, lower thirds for interviews, and site icons for the overall project. I learned a lot from my client, took direction, and executed the designs asked for. She loves it and now we have a fully functional rebranded website.


On January 2nd, 2020 I began my year with an adventure in a new location. With the Interactive Media class of Elon University, our winter term began with us flying out to different parts of the Caribbean and South America. Our team was thrilled to learn that our Fly-In was in Hamilton, Bermuda. We had an amazing time. We got to meet the locals of the island and truly was able to immerse ourselves in the culture. Part of their culture is the amazing foods and sugars that they intake in their daily diet. 


Here is the redesign of the Bermuda Heart Foundation's logo, along with their Bermuda Jump Rope Federation, and animations for their organization.