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Working in a marketing team in the last year has allowed me to curate fun animated graphics that have boosted social media engagement, authenticity, and trustworthiness within companies & persons I have managed​.

Boone Presentation

As Junior Art Director of The Boone Group, LLC. I was charged with storytelling through visual concepts the idea of Boone through a pre-curated speech.

I decided the best way to showcase the ideas and values of Boone Group were through animations that highlighted sections of the speech.

Here is the thought process and work below.

DAU x AAL Pitch Deck


The Acquisition Entrepenuer in Residence program was a Powerpoint pitch design created to solve an issue between the companies DAU & AAL. We helped their platform incentivize those who work to be a mentor.

Assets created for this presentation were done in Canva and Illustrator. Rebranding AAL and DAU in order to merge their companies under one unifying entity for this collaboration with a new logo. Pitched ideas for visualized campaigns and the mentorship program platform are things that I assisted with as well as building out the presentation. 

AUSA Social Campaign

Alongside with marketing, my roles and responsibilities relied on my ability to create exciting designs that will enhance our social media and boost engagement. 

Using the full-width banner design, I was able to bring the old black and white photo to life and introduce our company's highlights from the AUSA event.

At Boone, I wanted to create a campaign that served all affinity groups of America whilst educating our team and our outward-facing audience about those who have served and their outstanding contributions. In this method, we highlight America's history through every face that has impacted our country, and we welcome new faces to interact with Boone's brand through social marketing.

Here are some designs I have created.

Boone Social Media

Boone LinkedIn.png
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