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I started freelancing in this industry to solve digital communication problems in a visual format. Working in-house for Boone Group, LLC., I was able to use these talents on a more regular basis creating designs for clients on the most significant contract the company secured. Some of this work eventually was showcased at the Pentagon for internal communications in the United States Department of Defense (DoD).


Here is the work from that effort:


Working for HCI, I was able to create a ton of social media promotions for awards and infographics that were used in company-wide presentations, alongside revamping documentation and marketing tools.


As a Contractor for the United States Air Force Civil Engineers (USAFCE) via IBM, I have the exciting task of conjuring up all sorts of captivating outreach content. From eye-catching animated reels to informative infographics and persuasive promotional videos, I strive to deliver top-notch material that informs and entertains. It's a pleasure to work on such engaging projects that allow me to utilize my creativity and technical skills to showcase the USAFCE in a fresh and exciting way.

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