Forward Friendly




The purpose of Forward Friendly is to encourage the knowledge of fashion sustainability. This is an interactive educational website that offers a fun way to learn how to save the environment and enjoy fashion.


A consumer has the power to open new routes for purchasing items based on how we decide to wear, buy, and use fashion. The consumer alone has so much control, and with that comes responsibility. Forward Friendly is a platform to allow you to start the journey of becoming environmentally conscious about the things we see as “fashion”. This site is educational to support the environmentally conscious but is targeted to 16 – 35 year-olds who are our everyday consumers in-store and online with the power to control our environmental climate. 

Altogether, Forward Friendly offers an interactive quiz, animations, visual storytelling, and tips to explain why the consumer should aim to learn more about how to be fashion-conscious. It is Forward Friendly’s mission for the user to become fashion-forward and environmentally friendly.


  Softwares Used

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Ceros

  • Wix

  • Tableau and R Studio

  Project Summary 

To read more about how this project was conducted from start to finish, here is the official Project summary that details my schedule, research, and planning of Forward Friendly.



  Website: Final Deliverable 

Interact with the website here to learn more about fashion sustainability and immerse yourself in the project!

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Logo Design


Style Guide

Site Map

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Animations/ Motion Graphics