My Vector 



  MyVector Wireframes 

Here are a set of new design wireframes I had completed during my internship at the U.S. Pentagon. 


The 3 things I wanted to tackle was quick navigation, visual hooks, and content management. 


The government can have a dry-cut way of information disbursement. They needed a new way of telling their brand's message and receiving new members of their mentoring program. 


I gave them a new way of looking for that outlet.

MyVector Wireframes.jpg

  Star Profile Avatar 

I added in these profile avatars of both civilian and airmen to display the types of people who work within the Air Force. 


I used the symbol of my vector to serve as flair to the background design of the avatar. 


Lastly, it shows that mentorship would cater to those who really use this resource to its advantage. Those who are the mentor/mentee of the week would appear with a quote of their experience in MyVector.

Here is the redesign of the Department of Defense's MyVector Mentorship Web-Portal: