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Since 2019 I have worked on a couple of websites that I am proud of for different organizations that have allowed me to blossom into the designer I am today. Here are the sites.

Boone Website 

One of my first directives as Junior Art Director of The Boone Group, LLC. was to clean up and re-develop the website in 2021.


Through card sorting, wireframing new concepts, developing a SWOT analysis, and designing multiple iterations, we finally reached a conclusion May 2022. 

This extensive process taught me true organization management, process management, and oversight of design. 

Bermuda Heart Foundation

In my graduate studies, I had the privilege of working with the Bermuda Heart Foundation to help spread prevention awareness. For a quick 4 month sprint we created branding materials, paraphanelia and a website. As lead graphic designer I was in charge of assisting with UX layout, logo design, and element curation.

Capstone Project:
Forward Friendly


For my graduate program at Elon University, I was cleared to work with Wrangler in North Carolina to create a project that would be educational to all ages about eco-friendly clothing practices. Due to the pandemic and our order to return home, I was unable to see that collaboration come to fruition, however I was able to finish the project.


Forward Friendly offers an interactive quiz, animations, visual storytelling, and tips to explain why the consumer should aim to learn more about how to be fashion-conscious. It is Forward Friendly’s mission for the user to become fashion-forward and environmentally friendly.

MyVector USAF 

During my time at the Pentagon working as an intern for the Department of Defense's Diversity and Inclusion department, I led an individual project as lead designer for a mentorship program named MyVector.

I performed and documented a SWOT analysis and then came up with a rough wireframe to be the visual aid in my pitch. Once the idea was cleared, I created a design that met all specifications needed and was able to show the UX/UI to the Second Deputy Chief in the Pentagon.